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Finally an original photobooth in Paris!

Photobooth rental Paris: The Rétrovision from all angles

Rental of a Photobooth with a Vintage and Eco-Friendly Look

Available for rent in Paris

To energize your event in Paris, choose the "Rétrovision" photobooth, combining vintage charm and eco-responsible commitment!

Designed in solid wood by the Figura/Sfondo workshop, it offers a unique photo experience, with high-quality prints in 8 seconds. Ideal for any type of event, from weddings to corporates, it promises your guests a memorable memory, instantly accessible. Plus, get a full service including delivery, installation, and on-site support for a hassle-free experience.

Photobooth rental Paris:
A turnkey service in Paris!

Photobooth rental paris:
Why choose the Rétrovision Photobooth for your event?

A turnkey service

The Paris photobooth rental includes its delivery, installation and pick-up. And if you wish, my presence for the booth throughout your event.

Quality prints

With the Rétrovision photo kiosk, it's photos in pro quality, printed in 8 seconds and customizable in the colors of your event.

An eco-friendly photobooth

No polluting plastic here! The Rétrovision is made of eco-responsible solid wood in a Parisian design workshop using traditional techniques and new technologies.

100% connected

Access to a private online gallery after the event for your guests and share photos on your favorite social network live (wifi required).

Photobooth rental paris:
Who is the Rétrovision photobooth for?


Private or professional, the Rétrovision photobooth is available for rent in Paris for all your events and will offer your guests a souvenir with which they will leave.

Rental for professionals







Photobooth rental Paris: three women entrepreneurs in front of Photobooth during a corporate event

Rental for private individuals







Location-Photobooth-Paris: Photobooth photo print with the bride and groom surrounded by their witnesses

photobooth rental Paris:

In short, to perfect your event, the "Retrovision" is the vintage and eco-responsible touch that will leave an indelible mark in the memories of your guests. This unique photobooth, combining aesthetics and technology, not only ensures moments of joy, but is also part of an environmentally friendly approach. Make your celebration an exceptional and lasting one, choosing a solution that is both chic and conscious to capture the joy of the moment.

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Guillaume Galmiche

My work is based on reportage techniques. I'm a master of live shots and storytelling, but I also enjoy posed corporate portraits. As a corporate photographer in Paris, I work on many commissions for event agencies, the press and companies.

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