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Guillaume Galmiche

Freelance photographer and founder of Highwire Photography. Based in Paris, I work both in the Ile-de-France region and all over France.

As a corporate and institutional photographer, I put my know-how at the service of sharing knowledge by emphasizing spontaneity, authenticity and storytelling in my photographic approach.

If I had to concentrate on one area of photography (fortunately, nothing forces me to do so), it would undoubtedly be reportage. I have a documentary and authentic approach to the moments I immortalize.

Available and discreet at the same time, I make sure to keep the story flowing and complete.

I get just as much pleasure out of covering sporting and cultural events, weddings and important moments in the life of a company. I work mainly with natural light, sometimes with artificial light for portraits.

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Member of FFPMI Île-de-France

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Guillaume Galmiche

My work is based on reportage techniques. I am skilled in live action and storytelling, but I also enjoy posed portraiture. As a corporate photographer in Paris, I work on a wide range of commissions for event agencies, the press and companies.

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