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Photographer trombinoscope paris: Banner for a corporate website presenting a varied series of five professional portraits, from left to right: a bearded young man in a blue suit and tie, a long-haired woman in a light blue shirt, a smiling man in a grey blazer, a man in a black suit smiling confidently, and a woman with long curly hair in a white blouse,  symbolizing a professional team for a corporate trombinoscope in Paris.

The Business Trombinoscope: The Art of Capturing the Essence of Your Team

In today's business world, visual presentation plays a crucial role in how a company is perceived. The corporate trombinoscope, far from being a simple collection of portraits, has become an essential tool for internal and external communication. It reflects not only the identity of the company but also that of its employees, offering a human face to the organization.

What is an Enterprise Trombinoscope?

A corporate trombinoscope is a compilation of professional portraits of the entire workforce, designed to convey the unity and diversity of the team. This tool facilitates recognition between members of the company and improves internal communication. Externally, it serves as a support for badges, brochures, and profiles on professional social networks, thus strengthening the employer brand.

Modernity at the Heart of the Trombinoscope

Changing expectations in terms of design and visual communication call for a modern and dynamic trombinoscope. Portraits, taken by a professional photographer, can vary from the classic white background to more colorful and personalized atmospheres, depending on the company's culture. The choice of clothing, the posture, and the expression of the employees are all elements that contribute to conveying the company's brand image.

The Importance of Trombinoscope for Your Business

The trombinoscope goes beyond simply introducing team members. It is a vector of corporate identity, a way to humanize the company in the eyes of customers, partners and new employees. In addition, it offers a flexibility of use unmatched by traditional group photos, allowing regular updates and adaptation to different communication media.

Towards Professional Achievement

Creating a quality corporate trombinoscope requires the expertise of a photographer who specializes in portraiture. The latter supports the company in defining a coherent editorial line and in the creation of portraits that reflect both the professionalism and the personality of each employee. The process includes not only the organization of the event (schedule, instructions,...), the shooting but also the post-production, to ensure that each portrait fits perfectly into the whole.

The corporate trombinoscope: CHOOSE THE PHOTOGRAPHER who will put your employees at ease

The service

I accompany you throughout the creative process of your corporate trombinoscope in order to obtain the best possible quality while respecting your visual identity.

Pre-trombinoscope preparations

Prior to theorganization chart project, we take the time to prepare the shoot in line with your expectations. For your corporate trombinoscope, we'll work with you to draw up a schedule and work orders for each person. A clear, detailed instruction sheet will be sent to each person at (attire, explanation of the photo shoot, framework for use of their portrait).

Shooting the trombinoscope

10, 60 or 200 employees to photograph? I travel to you with my mobile studio in Paris and throughout France (if several Regional Agencies) to realize your corporate trombinoscope. The shots will be taken indoors with always a control of the light to ensure a homogeneity of the portraits.

Depending on your needs, an outdoor shoot can be arranged for smaller numbers (max. 20 people).

What's more, during the shooting, my camera will be connected to a screen so that everyone can choose their best profile... So no nasty surprises on delivery!

Trombinoscope post-processing

Your selection sublimated by post-processing and available as a digital file on an online gallery or by file transfer.

Keeping track of your facebook

I'll also keep your trombinoscope up to date when new employees are hired.

Examples of company trombinoscopes


Context: Staff from Factory Group's various European agencies came together for the group's annual seminar in January 2024 at the Radisson Blu Marne-la-Vallée hotel.

Company requirements: Creation of a trombinoscope (homogeneous "bust" portraits) of 180 employees on a plain white background. Upstream planning with the communications manager to establish a strict schedule for each employee's order of appearance.

Service duration : 2 days, 4 people every 15 min.

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Client: Century 21 Agency

Objective: As a corporate portrait photographer, my assignment was to shoot a series of 10 portraits of real estate agents at a Century 21 agency in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

Company request: Portraits to be taken directly in the agency on a plain black background, for use on their website and business cards.

Duration of performance: 1 hour

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Client: SNCF

Objective: As part of a management seminar organized at SNCF head office in Saint-Denis, I produced a series of 30 professional portraits.

Company request: portraits directly on site on a plain gray background, for use on the Linkedin professional social network.

Duration: 2 hours

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They trusted me for their corporate organisation chart with photographs

company logos sncf axa century 21

Very good photographer, responsive and attentive.

The result was exactly what we were looking for in a corporate report. I recommend it.

Thank you!

Tina Kessier - Communication

grenke company logo


I called on Guillaume for my business website. I really appreciated our collaboration: professional and attentive, his work is of the highest quality.

Minerva Onaly - Freelance

portrait of a woman in a yellow dress


Trombinoscope Photographer Paris : Identify your needs

The corporate trombinoscope is more than just a series of portraits; It is a reflection of the spirit and dynamics of your team. By investing in a professional paper clip, you enhance the value of your employees while strengthening your brand image. It is an investment in communication and internal cohesion, which benefits the company's external reputation.

When should you organize the trombinoscope?

Depending on everyone's availability... Easier said than done when you've got 150 employees to get through! Depending on the size of the company, staff are often geographically dispersed throughout the branches.

Your main priority will be to take advantage of a corporate event (team building, annual seminar, congress, etc.) to get the maximum number of people together in the same place.

Once your date has been set, I recommend that you contact me a few weeks/months before your event to confirm my availability and prepare the shoot well in advance.

It takes 4 people per 15 minutes (i.e. 16 people per hour). I can do the trombinoscope of 200 people in 2 full days.

Where to place the trombinoscope?

If more than 20 people are photographed, the photo shoot will take place indoors in order to have full control of the lighting, via studio flashes, and thus no longer be dependent on the sun.

You will need to provide a workspace suitable for the job: a table - a chair - electrical outlets less than 10 meters away. All these instructions will be included in a preparatory document that will be sent to you.

How do I prepare for a photo shoot?

In preparation, before the shoot, we'll have a long chat about your expectations: choice of location for the shoot, the dress code, the state of mind you want to convey, but above all the order in which everyone will appear.

A document summarizing the instructions will be issued to all staff, containing all the information needed for the session to run smoothly(dress code, posing, etc.).

Identify your needs and issues :

  • How many colleagues to photograph?
  • How much time do you and your staff have?
  • Will everyone be able to attend on the same day?
  • What kind of background do you want? plain background? natural background?

Need to update your org chart?

Guillaume Galmiche

My work is based on reportage techniques. I'm a master of live shots and storytelling, but I also enjoy posed corporate portraits. As a corporate photographer in Paris, I work on many commissions for event agencies, the press and companies.

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